Connect Your Data

Control, Trust, Value.



DataPal is Personal Data Management Service;
it works for you. It’s like a very smart digital filing cabinet. DataPal enables you to CONTROL
your personal information and SHARE it with connections that you trust to use it responsibly.​

You can enter as much, or as little, data as you wish. Only you can access anything that you have entered, unless you choose to share it under the terms of an Information Sharing Agreement with other parties that you trust.

Any changes that you make to your data, or the connections with which you wish to share it, are recorded in your history folder.​ So you can always see who is doing what with your data should you need or want to.

Organisations, applications and utilities can connect to your DataPal if, and only if, you want them to. When they do your digital filing cabinet becomes ever smarter and useful for you.



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Data is stored in your secure, on-line DataPal vault. It is divided into ‘Data Blocks’ that store data on different aspects of your life.


Connections are the third-parties with which you agree to share some or all of your information.


Whenever your data is changed or supplemented, by yourself or by any third-party with which you share it, a record is kept in your history.