DataPal exists to give you a point of genuine control for your core personal details, and tools that you can use to manage the many apps and connections that access your data. DataPal is an intelligent software agent working on your side.

That means, in practice, the data within the system that is about you, is controlled by you. This includes the meta data, which is the data about your data (when it was added, when it was amended etc).

The DataPal service will help you manage your data, and the connections to your data; but it will do nothing with your data without your active permission. That permission will always be sought in easy to understand terms, with all default settings being set to the safest option from your perspective.

You will also be free to export or delete your data within the service should you wish to.

Like all services, the DataPal service will evolve over time. Each time there is a change in functionality, or terms/ conditions of the service then these will be explained clearly along with their reasons.

You will always have the option to provide feedback on the service, and receive answers to any questions you raise.

As with any online service, DataPal is covered by a range of regulations, not least the UK General Data Protection Regulation. That is a good thing for DataPal users in that this regulation, and related ones, set a high bar around data security, transparency and recourse should the service provider behave poorly. These regulations mean that we need to have a more detailed, lawyer focused version of these terms and conditions of service; those can be found here (link to a URL to be set up).